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10 Simple Tips to Overcome Stress

Did you know that stress can be emotionally draining for your mind, body and soul? Stress in the workplace, personal life and relationships can affect your health. It can weaken your immune system, make you vulnerable to colds, headaches and more.

Here are 10 SIMPLE TIPS to follow:

  1. Don't Strive for perfection; it's exhausting. You are human and you will make mistakes.

  2. Exercise.

  3. Learn the power in saying "NO" to free up your schedule for you.

  4. Create healthy boundaries, so you can avoid people who stress you out.

  5. Time management. When you manage your time better, you won't be stretching yourself thin.

  6. Prayer and meditation. Always start your day with getting centered first.

  7. Forgive yourself and other people. Holding onto resentment will make you bitter and stressed.

  8. Practice relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises really helps my clients to minimize their stress levels.

  9. Support System. Having someone or a group you can vent to will always help you to not keep things bottle up inside.

  10. Journaling. Write your thoughts out, but also keep a track of what causes you to be stressed out, so you can learn positive patterns of coping with stress.

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